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What is your religion?

I have reservations with the usage and abuses  of the term Religion.It denotes to ways of worships which individual can choose from. This choice is dependent on the surroundings and cultural upbringing  of  the individual which seeds the elements of faith in him.Even an atheist or agnostic can have his or her own religion of not believing in any deity and social norms.
Whether one believes in some deity or no deity, follows a certain religion or no religion,has some faith or no faith, but one can not deny his own existence and his psycho physical dependence on the cosmic mechanisms.One, in fact becomes bound by the cosmic laws the moment the bare elements of  cosmos assemble together to form the physical seat at the time of conception, psyche,however,follows later in the process.This fact is true to all the living beings and not only to humans.Thus we find same,uniform and universal process to all without any discrimination. Ability to discriminate comes later when psyche, founded on dualities in conceptualization of surroundings, develops for want of secondary pursuits of the animal instincts.Thus we find all  passing through the same cosmic process inherent in cosmos itself.Any explanation,obviously through our minds dependent on our psycho physical states, of this cosmos or its inherents,is bound to be bound by the dualistic conceptualizations mind has acquired in the course of its development.An explanation based on such dualistic conceptualization by a mind which is itself enabled by duality, becomes so convincing to the mind that any explanation other than this becomes absolutely unrecognizable.

My reply to your question is that I realize the cosmic unity and its eternity,i.e.,of having neither a beginning nor an end, having its infinite  whole  within,  and do not worry for alternate ways of worships, which people call religion, and interpretations there of, which are entirely based and limited by the limitations of our minds being,in general, mental constructs. I am in Sanatan Dharma,the eternal wisdom.